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Edward the Confessor, King of England, died in January. As Edward was childless and did not
appoint a successor for the heir to the throne, it caused a three way war. The war was between
William the Conqueror, Harald Hardrada and Harold II.

Harold claimed the throne which caused both William and Harald to go after Harold.

You step in the shoes of Geoffrey de Montbray, the loyal right hand man of William the
Conqueror. Your goal is to help William conquer England and claim the throne. You will explore
different lands, hunt for treasure and battle against English soldiers who get in your way. As you
slay your enemies, you will grow stronger and learn new skills which you will use to defeat King


This was the first ever game I had created. The game was created for my final year project to answer the academic question “Can video games teach basic educational principles to primary school children without them being aware that they are learning?". Some say this game started my game development ambitions.

It is a simple RPG (Role Playing Game) that takes place during the year 1066. The game is based on the Battle of Hastings where you play as Geoffrey de Montbray.

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and double click on the application to run the game. Further instructions are included in the user manual.

If you have any errors then please contact me.


WarriorOfNormandy.zip 188 MB