A downloadable game for Windows


This game was made for GM48 #9. This was the first game jam I had participated in 2014.

Space Miner is a game about a miner who has lost all his money trying to mine and find Unobtainium. The miner was going to give up until he heard there was some Unobtainium available on a dangerous alien planet. The miner has gone to this planet to risk everything he has got to get the Unobtainium and get back home safely.

Help the miner find the Unobtainium by using his jetpack and gun. Aliens on this planet are not happy with any extraterrestrial beings and will try to kill them. Escape the planet with the Unobtainium in one minute by getting back to the spaceship in time. Else there will be certain doom for the space miner.


Left and Right arrow keys / A and D keys

Space bar

X key

Install instructions

Double click on the .exe file to run the game.

If you have any errors or questions then please contact me.


space_miner-gm48-9.exe 8 MB