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A long time ago in an alternative universe far, far away...
Its 1420. Robot pirates have stolen all the candy in the world. They are planning to take over all the raw materials and distribution methods for candies in the near future. No one in the world has seen any candy for days.
Gink, the tyrant behind this madness, must be stopped!
You are Wyatt the Pirate. You have come from the future who has decided to stop this. With your secret item, you will crush the robots with their own candy.
Good luck, and may your battles be short and sweet.


I created this game during the GMC Jam #13 where the theme was pirates. I fused the pirates theme with the Candy Jam theme and came out with this small game. It is only three levels long and can be completed in a few minutes. This game was also experimental as I was trying out the idea of terrain modification.

Published Jan 26, 2014
Tags2D, candy-jam, gmc-jam, Pixel Art

Install instructions

Double click on the .exe file to run the game. Further instructions are included in the readme file.

If you have any errors then please contact me.


Candy Crush Pirate Saga V0.1 21 MB