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Wizard Wade is a pacifist wizard. One day he found out his magic key had been stolen. Following in the footsteps of the thief it led him to a underground passage. Now he can't see the culprit's footprints and he is lost in the underground passage. Help Wizard Wade find his key before it gets dark.


Beneath The Game was created for the Ludum Dare(48) #29 where the theme was 'Beneath The Surface'. Beneath The Game is a puzzle game where the goal is to find the lost key within the allotted time. This is done by maneuvering Wizard Wade through the underground passage whilst avoiding the enemies and obstacles. Some obstacles' properties can be manipulated by clicking on them. Use this ability to kill the enemies if necessary.


WASD keys

Left mouse button:
Click on certain objects to change their properties.

Install instructions

Double click on the .exe file to run the game.

If you have any errors then please contact me.


Beneath The Game (Windows) 1 MB
Beneath The Game (Source) 887 kB